We supply a range of Archery products, and services. We specialise in takedown traditional bows, however, we also service all bow types, offer coaching, provide equipment hire, and also organise corporate team events

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  • Takedown Recurve Bows

    We specialise in take down recurve bows for target and field archery. There are often a wide range in stock and it is difficult to keep this page up to date so please fire us an email and inquire on your bow of interest. 

  • Compound Bows

    We don't tend to stock compound bows, but this is largely due to the wide variety and fast moving technology. If you have a bow of interest then send us an email for a no obligation quote. We are also happy to help you set up your compound bow and can press and repair/replace strings on most bows. For newer compounds we can order and fit replacement strings, however, we tend not to make these anymore due to the high specifications and speeds of the modern bows.

  • Traditional One Piece...

    Sadly due to the cost of over sized shipping to NZ, one piece traditional bows are hard to find and often pricey. This tends to stop us holding a large selection in stock.

  • Quivers

    We have a selection of bow quivers, side quivers and back quivers. Check out the navajo for our staff pick for an affordably priced lightweight bow quiver, or perhaps the Vista stealth for an ergonomic and accesible back quiver.

  • Arrows

    We have a wide selection of arrow set ups that we can tailor for you. We get our 100gr stainless steel inserts custom manufactured for .246" ID shafts, and these are perfect for traditional shooters chasing a heavy arrow, with a heavy front-of-centre yet still keeping open options for using all 100gr and 125gr broadheads

  • Accessories
  • Targets

    We have a wide range of 3D practice targets, with great shipping rates available

  • Social Events
    • Bow tuning
    • Technique tuning
    • Fun events
    • Coporate team building
    • Stag and Hen's doo's
    • Archery tag
  • Technical information...

    In this tab I am starting build a resource of information for archers of all experience levels. The topics I intend to cover are which bow to first buy, how to string and care for your bow and advanced arrow tunning. Feel free to contact me with your questions as this is generally how topics get updated on here in the first place!

  • Traditional ILF Bows

    International Limb Fitting (ILF) style traditional bows for the descerning archer who wants the latest technology with the traditional appearance

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item