Is adventure calling, but caution is holding you back? Has googling top things to do in NZ and sorting accomodation sent you crazy? Limited time and you don't know what to do or where to go? You want to get into the outdoors but you don't know how? We are experienced outdoors enthusiasts that can plan you a unique holiday experience for individuals or couples who are visiting New Zealand and would like to get off the beaten track, but don’t have the know-how. We are everyday New Zealanders who are experienced skiers, hunters, fishers and hikers who have grown up in the South Island of New Zealand. Our extensive familiarity with our alpine ranges is developed from being immersed in the outdoors from a young age. Furthermore we are passionate photographers and if you want us to join you for all of or part of the journey, the full-frame sony a7ii camera comes everywhere. Nothing beats amazing photos on your adventures and our photographs in remote places are going to blow your friends cell-phone selfies off the ridge faster than a Nor' West in Torlesse.

NZ’s small land mass to ocean ratio, in combination with high alpine regions makes our alpine environment amongst the most unpredictable in the world. This makes getting out and seeing the beautiful sights a huge challenge for even experienced NZers, and with limited gear, time and information on where to go this can be daunting and off putting to your holiday. Let us take the stress out of the unknown by planning your adventure for you, and if you want we can accompany you for the journey. Holiday like a New Zealander and let us tailor a trip whether it is a short overnight excursion or multiweek travel. We can do the driving, include an airport pickup and you can even stay at our Christchurch based farm-stay accommodation. Hot pools, bivvies, remote huts, sunsets, waterfalls, lakes or just day trips… you name it we know where to go. We will plan your holiday for you and we we can also provide a knowledgeable traveling companion. If not we will be your point of contact available 24-7 and able to aid you in decision making processes and knowing where you are going in, when you should be coming out, and what gear you need to be taking. 

Our services are not just for tourists, we have introduced a surprising number of New Zealanders into the outdoors. These have included Thar hunting trips, Marlborough Sounds excursions (water skiing and fishing), bow hunting trips and also landscape photographers who have wanted to get into remote places but either don’t have the experience or need extra hands to carry gear.

For prices and information please enquire.


The kind of places you will likely stay:

Remote back country huts with no power, limited heating and no cell-phone reception



What we don’t do:

Guarantee successful hunting trips, we are about the experience not the trophy.

We are not tour operators.

We don’t do ice, crampon, or rock-climbing, incorporated plans.

We don’t plan ocean or lake diving trips.

Ski trips include transport and an introduction to the club fields, but not back-country.

Unless this is pre-arranged we don’t do the carrying for you.

We are happy to take you out on the boat but this isn’t a formal package we offer.

In case of bad weather we will refund or reschedule.

We have a strict zero drug use policy on our trips and we are serious about this.

We don’t offer external gear hire, but we can provide some gear for our clients.


What we will do:

Choreograph a truely remarkable holiday by sending you to fantastic remote places, but only if we think you are physically and mentally capable.

Be your personal photographer (within reason) included in the price are photographs of yourself with editing and corrections. Basic landscapes are also provided, however, shots such as panorama's and night time long exposures which we may take on the trip are not included in the price.

Our best to tailor your hiking associated meals to your dietary requirements.

Base the trip around your age and fitness levels.

Require you to sign a liability waver.

We can provide some gear, but not boots.

About us:

Although we may require additional hands in busy periods you will most likely be guided by myself (Aaron) and my wife (Jess). Jess is the planner and I am the muscle and experience, between us we will choreograph a truely memorable adventure. We are both scientists as our main professions, and we are currently living in Wellington, in the North Island of NZ. We also run a family farm in Christchurch, the South Island and we plan holidays because we love seeing people becoming as passionate about the outdoors as we are!