Samick Sage Bow package

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  • Samick Sage 62" bow
  • Basic Leather armguard
  • Shooting Glove
  • Bow string
  • Shooting rest
  • 5 arrows
  • Bow Stringer
  • Cartel Carry case

Please inquire for availability of bow weights

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$ 485.00

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economical, entry level bow riser: white oak, dymondwood, and maple limbs: hard maple and black fiberglass phenolic reinforced limb tips single tapered knob and metal limb pocket design riser cut past center with crowned shelf features plunger, stabilizer, and sight/quiver bushings amo length: 64" skill level: beginner/intermediate

Note: The case pictured is no longer available and this package will be supplied with the Cartel Delux soft bow case.