Aspect ILF 60" Recurve

New product

• Classic take-down recurve bow

• Riser offers beautiful wooden textures

• Limbs constructed of high quality exotic woods, backed and faced with black high strength fiberglass

• Bow Length: 60" AMO

• Brace Height: 7.5-8"

International Limb Fitting Riser 

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$ 370.00

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A fast shooting set of limbs combined with an ILF riser make this the perfect hunting/3D field archery cross over bow.  The short length makes it an ideal hunting bow, perfect for carrying in a back pack and maneuvering through bush. The riser is cut to centre and is designed for shooting off the highly crowned shelf, a feature that also aids in maximal accuracy. The limb tips have been reduced for increased speed and a standard dynaflight string is provided. The riser is fashioned from industry standard resin impregnated maple, and the heavier weight of this ILF style riser nicely balances the bow; providing a minimum hand shock shot with smooth post shot experience. Due to the ILF nature of this riser it can be combined with any ILF limbs, meaning you can have one set of limbs for target and one for hunting! For this option the riser alone is valued at  $200.

Currently available in RH 30. Other set ups are available by order